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Josh was the first man I ever dated who was passionate about putting his mouth on my vagina. He was also the first boyfriend with whom I regularly orgasmed. And it wasn’t a coincidence.

For a while, oral sex was the only way I could get off with a man…

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I was at a public beach far out in Brooklyn with a guy I was seeing and some of his friends when four breasts came out.

Two of his female friends took off their tops and ran into the water with only a bikini bottom on. …

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At a hostel in the ancient city of Taormina, Sicily, a pretty girl greeted me at the front desk. As she checked me in, a man standing behind her checked me out with a big smile in the way I’d come to learn Italian men do.

He was several years…

Photo of author by Austin Fassino

I gathered some saliva in my mouth, and with all the grace I could muster, I spit the glob into my palm. I moved my hand slowly downwards, taking care not to let it drip, and spread the gooey substance across the top of his shaft. …

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The man who first explained non-monogamy to me described it as a progression.

“First people get into swinging, wife-swapping and all that, basically having casual sex outside of their relationships. Then, after some time, they eventually go to polyamory: having relationships with multiple people.”

The impression I got was that…

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One summer afternoon, a week or two before I would leave for college, Ray picked me up in his Nissan Sentra. We drove too fast back to his empty house and went up to his room.

Not long after that, I deemed it was time to do what we’d come…

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Over the last few years, I’ve worried a lot about what I’m going to do about children.

My long-term partner isn’t sure he wants to have kids so soon. Whereas I, on the cusp of my 33rd birthday, am starting to get “up there.” …

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I first met Eric at a music festival. After a long day of dancing, making out, and dancing some more, we had sex in his tent.

It was an amazing day and night.

A few weeks later, back in Berlin (where we both live), we decided to go on a…

Photo of author by Austin Fassino

I love the idea of having a threesome with a woman and my male partner Flo.

I love the idea of watching him give pleasure to someone else. And I love the idea of him getting turned on watching me with another woman. …

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“He was a good man. He never slept around.” I’ve often heard those two sentences in the same breath. As if they were one and the same.

But this idea never sat right with me.

I’ve wondered, Isn’t there more? Is that really all it takes?

Sarah Stroh

New Yorker living in Berlin. I overshare stories about sex positivity, love, and non-monogamy. Get more details on my monogamish life 👉

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